We endeavour to play an active role in transforming primary data to make it more rigorous and impactful

Photo Courtesy: Adam Chilton, University of Chicago Law School

About Us

SurveySights specialises in field research by applying sector-agnostic expertise to facilitate data collection and management on the ground, and render solutions to critical challenges within the development sector.

As we study international development issues in a cultural and politically sensitive set up like India, we believe it is imperative to get a sense of what goes on in the mind of a data collector – “the one who sets the foundation for precision and eventually efficient policymaking for millions”. By combining research with fieldwork and community insights, we aim to empower organizations with services and tools to ensure that primary data meets the standards of quality.


To be the leading and most trusted data collection agency for collecting high-quality data and strengthening the data ecosystem to provide feasible solutions.


To provide our clients with authentic and reliable data through customised services that will help inform policy making and maximise social impact.

Core Values

We strive for innovation in our products and methods to develop novel solutions for improving data quality in surveys.

Stakeholder Value
We have the strongest regard for our clients and staff and prioritise their interests before our own. We believe in fostering the input of fresh ideas to ensure we remain at the forefront of data-driven solutions.

We strive to maintain an accurate understanding of our individual and organisational strengths and weaknesses. We seek professional growth for ourselves and our staff by creating opportunities and raising the bar.

Diversity & Equality
We aspire a work ethos hinged on fairness and equity with regards to working conditions, work recognition, and dignity of all of our staff regardless of their origin and early opportunities.
We are respectful and transparent in our work, with each other and our clients. We welcome critical feedback to ensure accountability, commitment, and shared success.
Robust and rigorous data informs our choices and decisions. Our focus on quality propels us to find better and more efficient ways of collecting accurate data by recruiting people of the highest calibre.

Meet the Team

Payal Soneja


Payal has witnessed the power of data to be transformative and empowering for the most vulnerable in society. Having worked in the development sector for ~3 years and through significant research and implementation experience, she’s developed a profound appreciation for data-driven insights to inform development policy.

Most recently, she has worked with the University of Chicago and led impact evaluations on topics at the intersection of environment and development where she managed field operations and implementation strategy. Her expertise includes blending academic research with the feasibility of on-the-ground programs and specialisation in survey design and evaluation methods.

At SurveySights, her work entails developing best practices to improve data quality and survey workflows, co-lead projects, and co-coordinate client development efforts. She brings in extensive experience with primary data collection, quantitative skills, and community engagement.

She holds a Masters in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics with a concentration in Public Policy and Development. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, listening to podcasts, nerd-ing out about RCTs and AI, and is happy to help with all things DATA.

Shafali Sharma


Shafali believes that any impact “within” the community is primarily fostered “by” the community. Her tryst with data has led her to design, implement, and manage projects as a researcher as well as put the field shoes on to collect and understand the power of raw ground insights.

Fuelled by her passion to explore the transformative capacity of data Shafali co-founded SurveySights in January 2020. SurveySights is dedicated to providing continued efforts in improving data quality while engaging data collectors as the program front-runners and impact beneficiaries.

In her last role, she led the India research team at the Tata Centre for Development (University of Chicago) on issues related to informal settlements, affordable housing, conflict, and property rights. Shafali holds a Masters in Applied Economics from the National University of Singapore.

Shafali considers mindfulness in the workplace vital – a tenet she lives out through her deep interests in yoga and gardening. She is always looking forward to learning and collaborating at the intersection of data, policy, fieldwork, and more!

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