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A participatory and adaptive approach to bridge the gap between rigorous research about what works and implementing solutions to provide the highest quality data.


We ensure that our data collectors are given in-depth training through our rigorously designed sensitisation training module, both in interview style and survey-specific issues.

  • Technical training of the instrument, in-person or electronic training on interviewing techniques and sensitisation training on ethics and best practices of data collection.
  • SENSITISE the field team to inculcate the most effective ways of striking trust and visibility in the field; character disposition and etiquettes that will help elicit the best response from respondents, acknowledge the respondents’ dignity and freedom while administering personal questions.
  • Bespoke and interactive training sessions to prepare the field team for their roles and responsibilities.
  • Refining the module with insights from our field team’s experiences in close consultation with experts. The module would act as a benchmark criterion for the team to undergo and find their feet as they gear up to start fieldwork.

Uneasy logistics and communication lags in terms of data management have emerged as the two biggest challenges to maintain quality and security. With a real-time measurement and staff performance monitoring system, we hope to overcome a range of issues.

  • Recce and pilots to ease out logistics and scope out potential safety threats for the field staff.
  • Track team inconsistencies to minimise attrition in the field.
  • Overcome fraudulent digital data collection through data quality checks.
  • Field report to flag errors to the staff and ensure errors are not repeated.
  • Conduct review exercises and solicit feedback to steer field staff to the desired outcome.
  • A final project report to our clients’ post-rigorous data vetting process.



In addition to training and tracking our data collectors, we empower them through a plethora of upskilling opportunities and incentives to acknowledge their role as more than just data collectors.

  • Knowledge exposure across verticals such as data analysis, market research, soft skills, and fundamentals of project management to support their career progression.
  • Invest in them through a hybrid of behavioural incentives and techniques that will boost their confidence and amplify persuasive skills.
  • Incentivise them through our specialized Field Training Assessment (FTA) tool in an attempt to improve data quality.
  • Design optimal compensation schemes to both strengthen efficient work practices and encourage field staff retention.
  • To help bridge the gap between their aspirations and the jobs they undertake, we will build a profile portal to empanel high-performing data collectors with details about their professional backgrounds, prior experiences, and sector specialisations. This will be a growing portal. As and when the staff complete projects, their details will be listed and made available for our clients.
    • An initiative to laud and highlight the meritorious data collectors and provide them with opportunities where they could enhance their skill set.
    • A platform that will be easily accessible for our clients to handpick the best staff as per suitability for their field projects.

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