Empowering data collection processes through strategic foresight to generate evidence

At SurveySights we spend a significant amount of time understanding our client’s needs and developing a comprehensive service delivery road map.

What Sets Us Apart

Sector-Agnostic Expertise

A sector-specific advisory board comprising a bevy of global academics and domain experts. A core research team to adapt to clients’ changing needs whilst bringing in diverse knowledge and perspectives.

Rigorous Data Quality

By learning the context of the issues at hand, we develop customised, practical, and cost-effective solutions leading to improved data quality.

Trained Field Team

By leveraging a vast network of data collectors, we hire and train a dedicated field team to conduct large-scale surveys. We also up-skill them to augment their capabilities through our performance incentive programs.

Local knowledge and Presence

We build upon our extensive knowledge of the local context and work with communities to foster participation, learning, and capacity building.

Ethical Research Protocols

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct by sensitising our field team on research ethics, data confidentiality, and privacy protocols in line with international standards.

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