We provide data collection services using the latest digital platforms by deploying our trained field teams and set infrastructure.

The team comes with extensive field experience of facilitating ethnographic data collection including conducting community-level key informant interviews (KIIs), focus group discussions (FGDs), and semi-structured interviews.

  • We collect quantitative data through in-person and remote surveys using tablets and smartphones. We are flexible with our data collection approach depending on the client’s requirements.

  • Our research team draws on proficiency in a range of methodologies including randomized control trials (RCTs) and quasi-experimental designs. The team is adept at delivering research projects as well as understanding the mechanisms through which the impact takes effect.

  • We spend a considerable amount of time with our clients to fully understand their project requirements.  This is followed by identifying a suitable survey methodology and obtaining a relevant respondent sample without compromising the validity of the sample and keeping within the bounds of budget estimates.

  • We code surveys into tablets. Drafted surveys undergo translation and back-translation into the local language, pre-testing and pilot testing, and a final revision before deployment. 

  • Building on a network of data collectors, we mobilize a field team recruited through a competitive process. We provide classroom or virtual field training and blend our training sessions with capacity building, methodological diligence, gender integration, and local knowledge.

  • We train our field teams through an internal training module SENSITISE to equip them on survey ethics and sensitisation methods in addition to the standard survey and technical training. Our training sessions are interactive, collaborative, and comprises performance and monitoring assessments.

  • The research team works closely with the field team to ensure that the data collected meets the highest professional standards and timely deliverables.

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Photo Courtesy: Mohammad Mansoor

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