Managing & Maximising Impact

Overall logistical and project management support from survey design to data delivery.

Deliver high-quality and secured data along with a comprehensive project report to be used by clients for analytical purposes. This includes cleaned data in Excel or Stata formats, audio files of KIIs, and focus-group interviews

  • Streamlined procedures and oversight to ease out logistical support and scope out potential safety threats for the field team. We integrate the logistical knowledge we gain from our field visits to advise clients on project implementation and evaluation strategies.

  • Deploying data collection protocols and reviewing survey instruments to ensure the protection and ethical treatment of human research subjects. 

  • We are committed to improving our internal products backed by observations, insights, and feedback from our clients and field teams.

  • While engaging data collectors as the project front-runners and impact beneficiaries, we create a collaborative environment for innovative ideas and action.

  • We envisage that training via SENSITISE coupled with upskilling opportunities would lead our field team to demonstrate quantifiable impacts of improved data quality.

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Photo Courtesy: Pushpa, Saarthi Foundation

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