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COVID-19 Resources

Database of COVID-19 Surveys

As the deadly virus sweeps across the world, a myriad of organisations, universities, and independent researchers are conducting rapid surveys to gauge the  (i) economic impacts of COVID-19 and social distancing on individuals, households (across different income groups), (ii) health impacts, (iii) educational impacts, and (iv) business impacts.

SurveySights has started a database to compile key features of completed or ongoing surveys. This is an open access repository and we hope to update it regularly. If you have recently completed a survey and would like to add that to the list, please write to us at

COVID-19 Impacts on Data Collectors

COVID-19 has not only restricted travel and social interaction but has also led to an unprecedented break in the research and data collection activities. Projects have come to a halt leaving researchers and data collectors perplexed. In light of this, SurveySights is conducting a survey with the field community in India across multiple states and sectors in both urban and non-urban areas. The two main objectives were:
    (i) To understand the full range of experiences and impacts on their livelihoods and well-being.
    (ii) To understand COVID-19-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices.


“Is it ethical to ask politically sensitive questions such as voting preferences from a slum resident; how do you handle silence from a group during an interview – well clearly they were not convinced or interested.”

As researchers and data collectors, we have been asked multiple times as to what drives our affinity for data or how we figure out what works to ensure quality and ethics. Via SurveySpeaks, we would indulge you with our experiences, and stories – from the field and desk, beyond numbers with endless insights. Here we would be publishing blogs, policy briefs, photo narratives, white papers to engage, learn, and share! 

We are launching SurveySpeaks, an exploratory approach to understanding best practices around data collection and management, survey ethics, fieldwork challenges, and discuss adaptable solutions. Through this blog series, we would share insights from folks in academia, policy, research, and as well as the field data collectors working across different thematic areas.

Sensitising the Field: Rethinking the What and Why(s) of Training for Better Data Quality

In the first blog of this three-part series, we address the topic of “Training” — the pivotal and foundational step that is often run on rulebook protocols and less on the elements of interaction…

The Other Side of Fieldwork: Traversing the Challenges of Data Collection

In the second blog of this three-part series, we shed light on the messy, unpredictable yet adventurous process of data collection and suitable practices for tracking inconsistencies to ensure high data quality…

Recognition Yields High Returns: Harnessing the Potential of Data Collectors in the Field

In the third and final blog of this three-part series, we draw attention to the treatment of surveyors in research teams and how a motivated field team coupled with incentives can help improve data collection methods and drive data quality…

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